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Who we Are

The Global Foundation for Community Health and Social and Economic Development (GLOCHAS) is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical, nonprofit and non-discriminatory organization registered under part C of The Companied and Allied Matters Act 1990 for the purpose of providing quality health care and services for the indigents in the community, empowering them for social and economic development.  We drive change in the global community through awareness, outreach, and advocacy. We are committed to eradicating crimes against humanity, illiteracy, poverty, and preventable diseases.

We believe that all humans deserve a chance at a whole, healthy, and enriched life

Our Mission

We fight to improve the standard of living of impoverished peoples, especially, women and youth through healthcare initiatives, accessible education, access to technologies, technical skills, and economic opportunity. We support global efforts to provide improved environmental conditions, agricultural opportunity, and legislation that better protects under-privileged and under-represented women, men, and children globally.

Our Mission

Our Organization

Since its formation, GLOCHAS has 




Recorded major success in the care and counseling of medically challenged women, and children. 


Successfully provided secondary and university level education to orphans on the African Continent, providing them with the skills needed to begin profitable trades. 


Engaged in reproductive health care promotion and prevention to reduce high maternal and child mortality and morbidity.


Our head office is located in Abuja, Nigeria, with local branches in Houston, TX and New York City, New York. We are registered with UN-CSO Network of the UN- Commission on the Status of Women. 

Our Board

Dr. Mma Wokocha

Founder | President

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Ezinne Mbachu

Vice President

 Community Outreach

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Chika Izuakor
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Celin Orji
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Vice President

Social and Economic Development

Vice President

International and UN Affairs

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